Scandal Video Ariel & Velove, BCL Audi Wulan Guritno Rianti - Latest Issue

So behind all this there is TW, Ariel's affair with his wife TW (owner of Alexis) and then the laptop is in the TW's man. It is true that many of the video. Now Ariel is being blackmailed. Ariel will be killed along with all the other celebrities. But Cut Tari just did not respond, so the video came out. There is the Bunga Citra Lestari BCL, Audi, Wulan Guritno, Rianti, etc. Hence the rich pay their just stopped.

So why OC Kaligis became legal counsel for one of that artist is because Velove, Which is OC's daughter so he felt compelled to intervene.
Then remember why his first marriage Wulan Guritno almost delayed, because he admitted had any contact with Ariel but eventually her husband, who now is in the details.

So, we will not be able to see the videos on the sequel because everything has been paid to the TW, people who hold that TW's mens. So from the beginning he could arrange their distribution
Cut Tary video show up because she do not want to pay.

Luna Maya video continues because Ariel's girlfriend, a part of that blackmail. Well let's see if the cover again means that person also did not want to pay
Ariel would be destroyed up to career-his career if yangg other side just because if Ariel were killed rather not get caught alone.

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